Shadow Cabinet of the Catholic Trotskyist Party of America, to take office upon the victory of the Catholic Trotskyist World Order.
General Secretary of the Catholic Trotskyist Party of America: The Current Chairman
President of the Council of State, Chairman of People’s Commissars, and Premier of the Christian Socialist People’s Soviet Republic of Middle North America (a division of the Global Federation of Christian Socialist Soviet States): Barack Obama
Vice-Premier of the above-named entity: Joe Biden

People’s Commissar for Foreign Policy (Secretary of State): Dennis Kucinich.
People’s Commissar for Defense (Secretary of Defense): Cindy Sheehan.
People’s Advisorial Co-Commissars for National Security: Mike Gravel, Noam Chomsky and Cynthia McKinney.
People’s Commissar for the Public Safety (Secretary for Homeland Security): Ron Paul
People’s Commissar for Finance (Secretary of the Treasury): Daniel Imperato (under probation status)
People’s Commissar for Justice (Attorney General): Steve Kubby
People’s Commissar for Education: Father Theodore Hesburgh (President Emeritus of Notre Dame). Alternatively, Father John Jenkins (current President of Notre Dame).
People’s Commissar for Energy and the Environment: Al Gore
People’s Commissar for Labor: Barbara Ehrenreich
People’s Commissar for Commerce: Michael Moore
People’s Commissar for Marriage and Family Institutions: Rick Warren
People’s Commissar for Socialist Enlightenment: Brian Moore
People’s Commissar for Catholic Orthodoxy: John Lowell
People’s Commissar for Housing and Urban Development: Robert Milnes (on probation).
People’s Commissar for Drug Policy: Paulie Cannoli
People’s Commissar of the Federal Reserve: Paul Krugman
People’s Commissar for Catholic Social and Political Justice: Father Michael Pfleger
People’s Commissar for Catholic Democratic Reform: Robert Casey, Jr
Chairman of the new 9/11 Investigation Commission: Andy (IPR Commenter)
People’s Commissar for Transportation: Eric Dondero
This cabinet is subject to change at any time. Explanations will be given upon any questions being asked in the comments section here or at IPR.


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